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Bob Dylan Liner Notes

The New World Singers 
Liner Notes for 1963 Atlantic Records album by Bob Dylan

I ain’t a record note writer - I never was, never will be an never wanna be - but that's ok tho cause the New World Singers ain't record note writer's subjects either - they're everybody's subject - they're everybody's assignment - they're for everybody to look into - they're everybody's textbook an' travel guide - they're everybody's fortune teller an' fact finder - there ain't no one that can't use what they do as a windmill or roadmap - they ain't just a rich man's encyclopedia or a poor boy's dream - they're real and they're here - they're in front of yer eyes an' ears in all shapes an' sizes an' lines, angles an' directions - thery're everybody's newspaper - they're everybody's radio - they're everybody's ol' time feelings an new found heartaches - they're everybody's ol' fangled generator, modern day telephone an' they're everybody's new world. 

I know the New World Singers - I know all three of 'em as good as I know anybody - the first time I met Gil Turner it was in Mill's Bar in Bleecker Street about two years back - we talked an' preached at each other there across the table an' thru the air all about the crazy one-sided triangles caused by the loose tempers an' mad tongues that was suckin' us up outside on the street - an' we both agreed at top speed that what we was lookin' for, was some kind of new world ..... 

I met Happy Traum an' his wife about the same time I guess an' I can remember when their baby girl Merry was born an' now she's over a year old - an' with one laugh out a beautiful Merry you'd know why Happy wants a new an' better world - just look some time at long haired little Merry an' you'd know why anybody'd want a new world - but Happy's got the reason right there in his eyeview ... closer to it than a lot of us are ..... 

Bob Cohen's quiet - I first seen him at a City College folksong hall an' thought he was some sort of a Spanish gypsy by the way he wore his sideburns an' moustache an' eyebrows - but he didn't talk so I couldn't tell - I must a sat an hour next to him waitin' to hear some gypsy language - he never said a word - he laughed a few times but all folks no matter what race laughs in the same tongue - I seen him sing later that night an' it didn't bother my thoughts no more as to if he was gypsy or gigolo - he tol' me more about my new world in that ten minutes time than the pop radio station did all that week. 

Listen to the New World Singers - listen to 'm with a clear head an' open mind - let your girl friend or boy friend hear 'm - let your mother an' yer father hear 'm - let yer kids hear 'm - they ain't no tin pan alley put together group - they ain't been sucked in or swallowed down or drawn under by the money eaters - their kind a music ain't the brainstorm of the halfwit hit office boys - they ain't singin' to sell soap suds - their kind a songs ain't worked over an' layed out by no music factory an' their singin' ain't spat out a any IBM machine - they ain't wearin' no song they sing as their own private expensive suit - they ain't changin' no songs cause Mr. Sense a Style tells 'm to .... they sing like they are - They sing like they know who they are They sing like the Ol' Almanacs used to sing They sing like the Memphis Jug Band used to sing They don' have to prove nothin' to nobody They don' have no row to hoe. They got a new world to win. I got a new world to win. You got a new world to win. 

BOB DYLAN with a brain full of hard rains an' hunger pains.

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