Happy Traum

Woodstock's own folk music legend


Homespun Music Instruction

For more than fifty years years, Happy and his wife, Jane Traum, and their staff have been producing award-winning  tutorials in a variety of instruments and musical styles. Taught by world-renowned performing musicians and teachers on DVDs, downloads, CDs and books, these high-quality music lessons have taught people all over the world to play and love music. To see the full range of more than 600 amazing products for sale, click here: www.homespun.com

Santa Cruz Guitars

I have been honored with a new (as of June, 2021) signature model guitar, the HT/13, crafted to my specifications by Richard Hoover and his talented staff at Santa Cruz Guitars. My main instruments pereviously were an H-13 (13 frets to the body) model and a 14-fret OM. Richard Hoover, the luthier and owner of the company (and a good friend), made them each for me out of wood that I chose at the factory. The H-13 has an Adirondack spruce top and cocobolo back and sides. The OM is all mahogany, with a beautiful dark sunburst finish. Thanks to Richard and his staff for these fine guitars.



I also own a beautiful C-10, unusual in that it has a cedar top and maple back and sides. Collings no longer makes this configuration, but mine is a superb instrument with a beautiful, crisp high end and satisfying bass. http://www.collingsguitars.com

Paul Beard Resonator

I had heard Paul's Dobros for years in the hands of the likes of Jerry Douglas and Cindy Cashdollar, but I came across one of his round neck resonator guitars at a luthier's convention here in Woodstock and had to have it. The sound just leaps out at you with the lightest touch of the strings.


Veillette 12 Strings

I have both a standard 12 and a baritone (tuned B to B) and both guitars are highly playable and sound amazing. Joe Vieillette is a Woodstock-based luthier and a good friend who build instruments to the highest standards. His various multi-string and multi-sized guitars are prized by top recording and performing artists.


Taylor Guitars

I have played Taylor guitars for years, particularly a beautiful 912-C (cutaway) model. I have great respect and admiration for Bob Taylor and his amazing team and will always value my association with them. My brother, Artie, was a Taylor clinician for many years.  http://www.taylorguitars.com

Ome Banjos

My old friend Chuck Ogsbury and his daughter, Tanya, make these superbly crafted instruments in their workshop in Boulder, Colorado.


DR Strings

Mark Dronge, who owns and operates DR Strings, was a childhood friend of mine in the Bronx. I have been using his hand-made strings for years and they feel and sound great, and they keep their tone for a long time. I am proud to be a DR user and endorser.