Happy Traum

Woodstock's own folk music legend

August 6th 2011 Designated "Traum Day" by Woodstock Town Board

The town of Woodstock and the Chamber of Commerce designated August 6, 2011 as "Traum Day" to honor my late brother, Artie, and me for forty years of contributions to the community. There was a ceremony on the Village Green in Woodstock at noon, with speeches, plaques and awards given to us by town, county and state officials. I was chauffeured to the event by none other than Levon Helm! John Sebastian, Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, Levon and I celebrated the day by playing some songs for (and with) the assembled crowd.

You can see some video of the event by clicking here.

Naturally, I'm incredibly touched by this gesture from a town I love and in which I have lived and worked since 1967. Here's a link to an article in the Poughkeepsie Journal, one of our bigger local newspapers.